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WEB401 – Tales from the Trenches: Building a Real-World Microsoft Silverlight Line-of-Business Application with Dan Wahlin

Reference Application – Job Management and Timekeeping System for DSL Electric

Lesson #1: Pick a Pattern and Stick to It

  • MVVM works very well for Silverlight Line-of-Business applications
  • Provides consistency across code


MVVM Pattern Enablers

  • Data Binding – Silverlight has awesome data binding engine
  • ViewModel – Glue between the server and the screen – Gathers the data to be presented
  • Commanding – if control doesn’t support Commanding, you can use the Expression Blend Command Behavior to implement one
  • Messaging

If you’re going to get into this pattern, that the time to figure it out.  In the long haul, it is worth using.


Lesson #2: Data Binding and Nested Control

  • Binding data in nested control scenarios can be challenging
  • Data may be out od scope – Items nested in a datagrid


Lesson #3: Notify Users of Successes (and failures)

  • Silverlight provides rich animation and media capabilities – Use them.
  • Animations can be used to visually indicate success or failure
  • Can minimize the number of times the user has to click on a message box
  • MediaElement provides a simple way to play sounds


Lesson #4: Get an Agent – A Service Agent

  • Make service calls from a service agent
  • Allows for better code re-use
  • Allows ViewModel classes to stay focused and clean
  • Can minimize wrapper code


Lesson #5: Extend Existing Controls

  • Extend controls rather than building from scratch
  • TextBox –> FilteredTextbox
  • ComboBox extended to deal with primary keys better
  • AutoCompleteBox –> AutoCompleteComboBox





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